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Silent Letter ‘A’: a pronunciation guide

Kerin English Teacher
Lesson by Kerin


BrE /ɑːˈtɪstɪkli/ – aa·tis·tuh·klee


Practice saying it: The film was both commercially and artistically successful. 


BrE /ˈlɒdʒɪkli/  – lo·juhk·lee


Practice saying it: Don’t be too hard on yourself. I think you acted logically under the circumstances.


BrE /ˈstəʊɪkli/ – sto·uhk·lee


Practice saying it: They were very professional and reacted stoically to the news. 


BrE /ˈvɜːtɪkli/ – ver·tuh·klee


Practice saying it: The exhibition was pretty cool! The pieces were hanging vertically from the ceiling as soon as you came in.

Vocab challenge

Can you think of any other words ending in -ally?

Write them in the comments 👇

Vocabulary challenge

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    1. Great example! Actually (AK-chu-lee!) ps. watch the spelling: queue 😀

    1. Good examples Sanga!
      TEK-nuk-lee and kuh-MUR-shu-lee ☺️
      ps. we would say tomato plant

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