New advanced English course for
English learning bookworms!



Advanced English course for English learning bookworms!

Learn differently ... & have fun!

Advanced English course for English learning bookwormsread an entire book in English and take part in live lessons online with British English teacher

Do you …

  • love reading?
  • want to be motivated to read a whole book in English from start to finish? 
  • want to take part in lively group sessions to discuss what you read?
  • wish to expand your English vocabulary and go beyond what you know?
  • want to enjoy English, make new friends and do something different?

Yes? Read on!

Class is with Kerin!

Next course starts September 2021


Here are the course details:

Level required: B2+, C1 or C2 (strong upper intermediate, advanced or proficient)

Please note: due to the nature of this course your level will be assessed before enrolment in order to ensure the best experience. Places are limited. 

The Book-Lab sessions 

Join x6 40 minute conversation group sessions with your teacher via Zoom.  During Book-Lab we will:

  • discuss the book!
  • review vocabulary and clarify any questions
  • practise pronunciation readings

Course outcomes

  • Read and ENJOY reading a whole book in English!
  • Develop vocabulary and recognition of important structures
  • Apply reading strategies to have a meaningful conversation about the book
  • Practice conversational strategies by agreeing with, building on, or disagreeing with other students in constructive ways
  • Practise expressive pronunciation to sound more fluent
  • Complete an individual task to develop skills: speaking or writing

Enrolment for the current course is closed.  

Next course starts Sep 2021. 

Read Bridget Jones's Diary in English

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- Plus -

Get 2 free bonus lessons

Bonus 1

How to Approach reading a book in English and enhance your understanding

There are reading strategies that you can apply to make sure that you actually ENJOY the process – that keeps it something pleasurable to do, instead of something that puts you off English for life! 

  • Learn practical strategies you can use to make sure you enjoy what you are reading!
  • Learn how to gain knowledge by reading a book and develop strategies to have a meaningful conversation about that book
  • Learn to identify ideas you have about the text and practise identifying which ideas are best suited to a meaningful discussion

Bonus 2

Reference Guide: Facilitating a book discussion

Apply the strategies you have learned by having a meaningful conversation during Book-Lab!

Inside the downloadable guide you’ll find:

  • Tips for taking part in a book discussion
  • Questions to consider as you read
  • Useful language for discussion

What's the book?
Bridget Jones's Diary!

Bridget Jones's New Year Resolutions:

I Will Not

  • Waste money on exotic underwear since pointless as have no boyfriend.
  • Fall for any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, commitment phobics, chauvinists, freeloaders, perverts.
  • Have crushes on men, but instead form relationships based on mature assessment of character.

I Will

  • Go to gym three times a week not merely to buy sandwich.
  • Learn to program video.
  • Give all clothes which have not worn for two years or more to homeless.
  • Not go out every night but stay in and read books and listen to classical music.

Discover 8 reasons why you should read Bridget Jones's Diary in English!

I bet you can see yourself in at least one of those resolutions! 

And that’s exactly why we’ve chosen this book to kick off the first BookLab course: it’s funlighthearted and relatable (much needed after 2020 I think!). 

Chances are you’ve seen the film or even read it in your own language, so you know the story, leaving you to concentrate on the language: the English is challenging and interesting without being over-the-top difficult.

Click here to find out why this book is a ‘must-read’!

Apply for Book-Lab!

next course starts Sep 2021!

Places are limited.

Book-Lab is open to everyone whose current English speaking level is upper intermediate (B2+), advanced (C1) or proficient (C2).

In order to place you in the best class for your level, it is necessary to verify your English level. We will do this with a short test and call – free of charge. To apply for this course, simply send us an email by clicking the button.  

Common Questions

The reading time you will need will depend on your English level and how quick a reader you are. You can see how many pages you are expected to read in the course details section above. 

You will need to dedicate 40 minutes every two weeks for the Book-Lab

You’ll need a copy of the book and you’ll need a good internet connection. Our classes will be held on Zoom

Missed lessons are non-refundable and non-recuperable. This is due to the organisational requirements of group courses.  

Discounts are exclusively for current students or a graduates of our Road to English Proficiency course. 

If you are a Road to English Proficiency student and want to enrol on this course, just email us! 

If you aren’t sure about your level, please get in touch for a consultation. 

Email Kerin >

Our consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation to buy.

There are no refunds for this course. All sales are final.

Apply for Book-Lab now!

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